Webinar on stress. Bell curve showing stress

Take back control and boost wellbeing during uncertainty

Guest speaker for Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce on boosting wellbeing during uncertainty.

According to a recent survey by Business Mentors New Zealand, the majority of small business owners are stressed and anxious, with half feeling burnt out and a quarter feeling depressed. While no one can provide an end date for things to return to a new normal, there are some steps you can take for yourself to take back control and boost your wellbeing.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Accepting where you’re at
  • How to turn stress from foe to friend
  • Stress + Rest = Growth + Resilience
  • Becoming comfortable with uncertainity with a focus on control
  • Practical tips for performance and wellbeing
  • Where to go for more help
  • How Spring Coaching can help.

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