Improve your productivity with

The Power of
Small Steps

It’s easy to stay ahead when you know what small steps to take.

What can a Productivity Coach do for you & your team?

“For busy people, it just works”

“Living a really busy lifestyle I just don’t have time to dedicate big chunks of time to things. Something like this has been wonderful because I’ve been able to give 100% focus for a smallish amount of time. You can really feel the benefits. For busy people, it just works”

Celia, Accountant

Are you:

Feeling fed up and frustrated by feeling as though you can never get ahead?

Forever telling yourself if only you had more discipline or willpower, then things will be different?

Feeling exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed with all the demands on your time?

Over personal development and self-help programmes that aren’t do-able long term?

The Power of Small Steps is designed especially for you.

You’ll know if you’ve ever been on a diet, tried sticking to a get fit quick programme or attended an intense personal development workshop course that they just don’t stick.

In fact, they set you up to fail because they ask for too much, too soon, and all at once. It’s a recipe for stress, overwhelm and burnout.

Improve your performance and productivity with life-changing powerful habits

The Power of Small Steps is different.

I’ll take you step-by-step through 12 small life-changing powerful habits. These are backed by science to ACTUALLY make a difference to your health and wellbeing so that will improve your performance and productivity. No time wasters here! They’ve worked for me and my clients.

The best is totally do-able and life-proof. Every powerful habit is so small that it’s easy to fit into the busiest of days, and yet thanks to the power of small steps they deliver dramatic results.

Throughout the programme, you’ll be guided and supported every step of the way. And thanks to the programme journal, you’re able to your success so that you not only feel the difference but see it too.

Transformation areas

The Power of Small Steps will help you become unstuck if:

You feel stuck on a treadmill going nowhere:

You will learn what is most important to you so that you can get to where you want to be

You find it hard to know where to begin thanks to information overload:

Worry no more. You will be guided step-by-step through a structured programme, with every step building on the previous

You are exhausted from trying to do it all:

While you’re in the driver’s seat you’re encouraged and supported to do just one thing at a time to beat burnout.

You know what to do but ACTUALLY doing it just doesn’t seem to happen for you:

This is really common. You’ll learn how to bridge the gap between intent and action. Hint: The secret has nothing to do with willpower.

“I found myself exhausted every day and struggling to concentrate on basic tasks. “

“I sought help to try and manage every task as none could be let go of. Spring coaching helped me to prioritise responsibilities and look after my own wellbeing which was neglected.”

Paula, Executive Assistant

Create your own personal high-performing  routine that will give you more energy and time to do the things you love.

The Power of Small Steps is flexible, scalable and convenient to fit with your life and deliver real lasting results.

24/7 access to 12 performance and wellbeing lessons, webinars and weekly challenges

Every lesson is based on a habit of success that has helped me, and my clients

Backed by science so you’ll know they will improve your performance and wellbeing

Practical tips that you can implement straight away

Further resources for those who want to delve deeper

A before and after holistic performance and well-being self-assessment to see the results

Programme journal so that you stay motivated and accountable by tracking your progress

Weekly check-ins and reminders to support and motivate you

Welcome High Performer Gift Pack for your coaching journey and beyond

Access to the programme for a further six months after you have finished so that you can continue to reinforce everything you’ve learnt.

“Sustainable high performance requires consistency and balance, beginning with your health and wellbeing.
To perform your best, you have to feel your best.”

– Josie Askin, Performance and Productivity Coach.

Transform your life for good

By the end of the programme you can expect to:

Feel calmer and in control of your day and your life.

Be more productive, and get more stuff done in less time.

Have more time and energy to do the things you want to do.

Have less brain fog, and improve your focus and concentration.

Move more, stress less and sleep more soundly.

Reduce stress and comfort eating, never diet again.

Feel happier, more joyful and more confident.

Like yourself more.

The best part is that 6-months, even 12 months plus after the programme you’ll still be feeling the benefits.

How do I know? My clients have told me when I’ve checked back in on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this The Power of Small Steps for?

The Power of Small Steps is for busy people who want to get more out of their day and are ready to commit a small amount of time regularly to establish new habits. The majority of my clients are busy professionals who are juggling multiple demands and are fed up with feeling exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed. They want small changes for more energy, less stress, better sleep and more joy.

Does The Power of Small Steps really work?

Yes! To quote one of my clients “For busy people, it just works!”. If you truly want to change your life for the better and you’re willing to commit a small amount of time regularly then The Power of Small Steps will work for you. Every single client who has been through this programme has had dramatic life-changing results that have stuck.

Is there anyone this programme won’t work for?

This programme would not be suitable for someone who is not ready or willing to take small consistent action to make sustainable change happen for them. This programme is not a replacement for professional advice from medical or mental health professionals.

If you have a significant physical or mental health condition, please seek expert advice before signing up for The Power of Small Steps. Still not sure? Get in touch and I’m happy to discuss whether the course is right for you.

How much time do I really need to commit to the programme?

The Power of Small Steps is designed to fit into the busiest of days and can be scaled up or down depending on how much time you have.

There are 12 powerful habits each with its own coaching lesson that you can either read or watch. Most of the lessons are around the 15-minute mark, though some are long and some shorter.

There’s the option to delve into additional resources for those who have a bit more time and like to know more. Completing the habit and the corresponding challenge can vary from literally a few seconds to up to 10 minutes. It really depends on how you customise the habit to fit your life and how often you do it.

The clients who have had the biggest success with the programme have read/watched the lesson at the start of the week and then committed a small amount of time daily to do the challenge and reflect, rather than a large window of time once a week.

Committing small amounts of time regularly is the way to success. One of my clients said if you have two minutes to brush your teeth every morning and every night, then you have time to invest in your whole body, mind and spirit with The Power of Small Steps.

How does the course work?

Once you sign up you’ll receive an email from me to help you get started, along with access instructions to our special online learning platform. From there you’ll see all the modules listed with lesson plans, videos, top tips for success, a challenge for the habit and of course the programme journal.

Everything is laid out to take you through the programme step-by-step. I recommend you spend a few minutes getting familiar with the platform.

There’s a handy video tutorial to help you out. Every week you’ll receive an email from me introducing you to the new habit and why it’s so life-changing (trust me, each one on its own really is), along with a check-in email a few days later to see how you’re getting on and some helpful prompts to remind you to pause and reflect on the progress you’ve made.

Work through the course material at your own pace. Remember consistency and frequency is key for building new powerful habits– it’s better to spend a little bit of time regularly than a big chunk of time occasional. Go with what is sustainable for you. You’re ready to roll.

How will I know if the programme is working?

I’m confident that every time you complete one of the habits you’ll feel more in control, calm and energised with improved focus and concentration. This will have a flow-on effect on all aspects of your life. The habits may seem tiny but they have a compound effect and really add up to big results.

Don’t be surprised if people comment about how calmer or more at peace you appear or ask if you’ve just been on holiday or lost weight. I hear that a lot from my clients! However, I know that sometimes when you’re caught up in the busyness of life you can forget what things were like and how far you’ve come. A little bit like how our hair and nails grow without us noticing.

To help with this be sure to complete the before and after self-assessment so that you can really measure the difference and make use of the programme journal. Every day there’s an opportunity to reflect on how your energy, focus and concentration have been based on the weekly challenge. This will give you a good insight as to what habits make the biggest difference for you.

They’re the ones to stick at!

Is there a set diet or exercise plan with this programme? Will I have to meditate?

I’m a big believer that there is not a one-size fits all solution. The Power of Small Steps is deliberately designed so it can be customised to your lifestyle and your likes and dislikes.

While every habit and the corresponding challenge is from one of Spring Coaching’s three pillars of wellbeing – mindset, movement and nutrition – every challenge is customisable to you. You won’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

Can I gift the programme to a colleague, friend or family member?

Of course! What a fantastic idea. The Power of Small Steps is the perfect gift for someone who is always busy, stressed and finds it hard to relax. They will forever thank you. Simply enter their email address when you sign up, or else contact me and I’ll help you set it up for you.

Can I share my membership with others?

No, the programme membership is designed for one participant. However, why not ask a friend to join you on the journey so you can support each other? Contact me about special group rates or check out the next question about gifting a membership.

Can I request a refund?

Unfortunately, refunds are not possible. By signing up, you gain full access to all course content and resources. We are committed to supporting individuals who are dedicated to their personal growth journey and taking action towards their goals.

I have worked with Josie as both as an audience member and have also engaged her for presentations with our own in-house clients. Josie is a great facilitator and presenter. She is a very warm and inviting individual with a lovely, personable nature. She tailors her message and approach to cater really well to her audience. Josie is also very good at keeping sessions on track and moving along in the right direction - very important when facilitating larger numbers! All the while, being very adaptable to different situations and thinking on her feet. Her positive, but realistic approach is very refreshing and endearing. Absolutely highly recommend!

Vashna Sahay, Area Sales Manager – Wellington, International Workplace Group

We had the opportunity to work together at the recent RentWell speaking event that you invited me to talk at. You won over the crowd of attendees with ease, making them engaged from the start which made my job a lot easier when doing my part.

James Moran, Senior Property Manager, Just Property

Josie's high energy, timely and fun facilitation of the group and its members has added direction to the meetings; bought out the skills and attributes of each person, plus her tips for wellbeing allow people extra value to remember to look after themselves.

Maria Gold, Founding Director The Networkers

Spring Coaching really proved the power of small steps, whereby each session introduced additional steps that got me closer to the goal. The information that was provided is backed by science, as well as presented beautifully by Josie, which is so inspiring. The sessions were easy to follow, and were simple enough to introduce to the daily routine, working very well even with a very busy day. Having the ongoing reminders and working throughout all the programme, increased the commitment to reach my goals.

Vered, Project Manager

Don’t just take it from me

As a performance and planning advisor for 20 years and as an endurance athlete I know the stress of balancing deadlines and demands.

The results speak for themselves.