Leadership Performance

Invest in your
biggest asset – You.

Many of us prioritise ourselves last.

Deep down we may think that making time for ourselves is indulgent, selfish, weak or a sign of failure.

When in fact, prioritising ourselves is an intentional act of self-care. An investment in our well-being, our goals,  and ultimately our performance and productivity.

When we feel our best, we perform our best. As we work towards our highest potential, we positively affect those we lead and love.

Working with a coach is not an indication of failure, but rather an act of leadership and strength and a demonstration of intent.

Resilience, efficiency and the optimisation of time underpin the foundation of peak performance.

The difference between staying at your peak and burning out when you get there is balance.

That is where your coach comes in – keeping you balanced and accountable.

“Spring coaching helps you to return to the basics of life…”

“I had so many demands on my personal, business and work life that I found myself exhausted everyday and struggling to concentrate on basic tasks. I sought help to try and manage every task as none could be let go off. Spring coaching helped me to prioritise responsibilities and look after my own wellbeing which was neglected. Things like breathing and taking time out for me was crucial when I thought it would be time consuming. Spring coaching helps you to return to the basics of life and living each day purposeful for you.”

Paula, Executive Manager

Social modelling is powerful.

We do what we observe, not what we’re told.

As a leader, you are trusted to inspire and empower your team, leading by example to help them reach their potential.

If your team is showing signs of strain, like low levels of focus, engagement and spirit, this could be the result of unrelenting long hours.

Behaviours such as missing breaks and struggling to switch off could be modelling behaviour mirrored in the leader.

Help your team to realise and maintain their potential and lead them to success.

Spring Coaching can help you to achieve the balance you need to lead, grow and sustain your high-performance team.

Working with a coach supports leaders by helping them identify their blind spots and lead their teams with excellence.

How can coaching help me?

Regain essential personal time without the guilt

Be more productive and effective at work and more present at home

Get on top of your game, and stay ahead without feeling overwhelmed by your schedule

Have boosted resilience and the tools to navigate and manage stress better

Improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships

Feel more in control, calm and confident within yourself

Have more confidence with boundaries and decision-making

Sleep better so that you wake up feeling more refreshed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there funding available for Spring Coaching Services?

Funding may be available for your organisation through theRegional Business Network for up to 50% off Spring Coaching services.

Send an inquiry to find out more about eligibility and reduced workplace rates that are available.

What service packages do you offer?

I offer a range of packages to suit your needs and requirements. Including but not limited to online and in-person coaching, and 1:1 coaching for individuals, teams and people leaders for short, medium or ongoing terms.

Book a free call to find out more about the options that will suit you and your organisation.

Can you work with our team on an ongoing basis at our location?

Yes. I am based in the Wairarapa region and can work with your team on a regular basis as and when suits your needs. I am available nationwide and internationally both online and at a venue of your choice.

Regional Business Partners Network Funding

Spring Coaching is a registered provider with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund, through the Regional Business Partners Network.

Eligible businesses are able to get funding for up to 50% off Spring Coaching services.

Contact me to find out if your business is eligible.