Jen Brown

From Corporate Lawyer to the original Sparta Chick – Interview with Jen Brown

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” is one of my favourite quotes. It reflects my drive for success and push for perfection mindset. So when I decided wanted to start a special blog series where I interview smart people who know a thing or two about peak performance, leadership and success, naturally I was going to shoot high for interview candidates. I scored gold by landing an interview with none other than the original Sparta Chick herself, Jen Brown.

Some might say she owed me one after I appeared on her radio channel, Sparta Chicks (you can check out my interview here) but I think the honour is all mine.

In this special interview we’ll learn exactly who Jen Brown is, and the transition from Corporate Lawyer to original Sparta Chick, Self-Doubt Destroyer, Imposter Syndrome Slayer and Epic Endurance Coach.

No question is too curly for Jen as we uncover:

  • The motivations behind her career change from being high-powered lawyer (1:42)
  • The failures that she’s most proud of and how they made her the legend she is today (10:15)
  • What feeling on top of her game means to her and where her happy place is (16:38)
  • The barriers stopping us from achieving success (spoiler alert, it all starts at the top with our mind) (17:54)
  • Myths about performance and wellbeing along with a recommendation for a great read (25:52)
  • Why having a coach is so valuable for performance and productivity (31:26)
  • The importance of rituals and daily habits to set your future self-up for success (35:00)
  • The wise wisdom Jen would now pass down to her younger self (48:55).

Jen is full of wisdom, wit and laughter so check out her interview below.

To learn more about Jen, or simply to say hi go to her website, Facebook and Instagram.

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