Workplace wellbeing

Investing in your people

Workplace wellbeing is about investing in the single biggest asset your business has, your people.

10 facts on why you should invest in workplace wellness with Spring Coaching:

Poor employee wellbeing costs us all

New Zealand lost around 7.4 million working days and $1.79 billion to absence in 2018


There is an increased need

Pre-covid a quarter of New Zealand businesses reported an increase in stress and anxiety, this is expected to be higher post covid


Your staff want it

92% of professionals said that it was very important or somewhat important for them to work for an employer that offers a workplace wellness program


Improved productivity

Healthier staff are 3x more productive


Reduced sick leave

Healthy staff take on average 2 days cf. 18 days for less healthy staff


Retain top talent

Over half of professionals say they would leave an organisation if their wellbeing needs were not met (interesting 81% of employers think that employees would not leave)


Attract top talent

87% of professionals agree that an organisations workplace wellness policy is important to them when considering new opportunities


Increased employee engagement

Wellbeing and engagement are highly reciprocal and additive. Increased wellbeing enhances the benefits of engagement improving performance even more


Makes you money

For every dollar invested in organisational wellbeing initiatives the financial return is an average of five times that and could be as high as 12 times within a year


It’s the right thing to do

Workplaces have a legal responsibility to manage risks to mental wellbeing and mental health just like they do any other health and safety risk


Finding the right solution for your workplace

No two workplaces are the same, neither are your people.

We offer a range of different workplace wellness solutions to meet your needs including on-site performance wellness coaching for your people and leaders, workplace wellbeing programmes, interactive wellness workshops and workplace wellbeing consultancy.

Tailored on-site independent coaching

On-site coaching provides the best value by offering proactive and preventative individualised support for those who want it.

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One-to-one coaching addressing the gap traditional training and Employee Assistance Programmes skip over. While traditional training is informative, it doesn’t address individual barriers preventing your staff from putting into practice what they learn. Coaching techniques uncover these barriers allowing your staff to get to the root of the cause, bridging the gap between intent and action. This empowers staff to take individual and preventive responsibility for their health and wellbeing. In some cases this may prevent performance issues and reduce the need for reactive support like Employee Assistance Programmes.

On-site and independent coaching reduces the barriers of accessing external off-site and internal support.

Workplace wellbeing programme

Let us customise a workplace wellbeing programme like none other for you.

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Our popular programmes deliver integrated learning through online learning modules, short weekly webinars and journals for reflection. Our programmes comprise of small weekly challenges across our three pillars of wellbeing – mindset, movement and nutrition, to develop healthy habits for lasting big change.

Interactive wellness workshops

Have you ever been to a presentation and then forgotten what you learnt the second you walk out the door?

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We do things differently. In addition to sharing expert advice, we provide practical tips and exercises to practice what is taught giving your staff the edge.

Workplace wellbeing consultancy

Let us do the hard work for you.

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We understand the dynamics of a high-pressured, changeable work environment, and the impact this can have on health and wellbeing. We work in partnership with you to identify your workplace’s unique needs and design targeted solutions for an authentically healthy and safe workplace. This may include developing workplace health and wellbeing strategies, raising mental health awareness at work, and identifying health and wellbeing responsibilities.

Want more information about our workplace wellbeing solutions, including the pricing and the special rates that are available?

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