Speaking & Facilitation

Engage, entertain and empower your team

Do you need an inspiring speaker or facilitator?

Someone with wide and varied life experience and background? How about a speaker with a holistic approach to helping with the challenges of modern life? Someone who is professional yet joyful, and radiates energy and love?

I specialise in:

  • Building a safe and healthy team or workplace culture.

  • Teaching stress management, time management and burnout recovery.

  • Leadership development and peak performance

  • Team off-site and away days

In reality your health and wellbeing are your biggest assets, the most important things you own. They are also something that can actively work to improve through wellness coaching and stress management.

I am available to speak locally, nationally, and internationally.

Some of the topics that I can build a presentation around include:

Time Management

Most people are time poor. If you feel as though you don’t have enough time, we can help you develop strategies to make time for what is important to you.

Stress Management

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight, it’s usually a long slow process that involves many factors. We can help you prevent it before it happens, so you maintain top performance.


You can’t be at the top of your game when you are tired. With the right techniques we can assist you to get a balance of quality and quantity sleep.

Digital Detox

Looking at screens is a constant in modern life. Knowing when, and how to take a break from your digital devices helps with perspective and balance.


Our brains perform best when we move regularly but it can feel hard to exercise when you’re busy. We’ll give you a new approach to exercise that removes the “no-time” barrier. Snack on movement.


A healthy diet provides balanced energy and should be intuitive and mindful. We help you achieve this, as well as good nutrition for performance or special requirements.

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I have worked with Josie as both as an audience member and have also engaged her for presentations with our own in-house clients. Josie is a great facilitator and presenter. She is a very warm and inviting individual with a lovely, personable nature. She tailors her message and approach to cater really well to her audience. Josie is also very good at keeping sessions on track and moving along in the right direction - very important when facilitating larger numbers! All the while, being very adaptable to different situations and thinking on her feet. Her positive, but realistic approach is very refreshing and endearing. Absolutely highly recommend!

Vashna SahayArea Sales Manager – Wellington, International Workplace Group

We had the opportunity to work together at the recent RentWell speaking event that you invited me to talk at. You won over the crowd of attendees with ease, making them engaged from the start which made my job a lot easier when doing my part.

James MoranSenior Property Manager, Just Property

Josie's high energy, timely and fun facilitation of the group and it's members has added direction to the meetings; bought out the skills and attributes of each person, plus her tips for wellbeing allow people extra value to remember to look after themselves.

Maria GoldFounding Director The Networkers