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Certified coach, facilitator, speaker, athlete & trainer

After nearly 20 years as a performance and planning advisor in the business world, and as an endurance athlete I know the stress of balancing deadlines and demands. It feels like no matter how much you do, there’s more to be done and not enough hours to do it in. It doesn’t feel sustainable and burnout feels like it’s just around the corner.

Perhaps you make promises to yourself that this week will be different. This week you’ll be organised and healthy. You’ll do meal prep the night before so you don’t buy lunch or takeaways. You’ll drink more water and trade your usual flat white and scone for a delightful peppermint tea at morning tea time, and rather than a post work wine you’ll settle for a sparkling water. Swapping dessert with a calming cup of chamomile tea to help you sleep, you’ll go to bed earlier and wake up refreshed to do a walk before work. This week was going to be different but then life happened. Perhaps you tell yourself you have no willpower or you’re lazy. The more you try to do the worse you feel.

I’ve been there, making promises, calling myself names and being afraid to stop and rest.

As an athlete with Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport or RED-S, I learnt what happens the hard way when you don’t have balance. Like athletes sidelined with injuries, in business we face burnout if we don’t have balance.

From my dark days on crutches, I learnt valuable life lessons applicable for business, life and sport, which became the founding principles of Spring Coaching.  I built on these principles by studying top performers in business and sport, along with qualifications and experience in psychology, professional coaching, sports training and development, nutrition and belief change.

Finally, a holistic and sustainable approach for peak performance.

Getting to the top requires a step-by-step plan with a strategy for action. Staying on top requires consistency and balance.

Sustainable transformational change starts with our daily routine. It’s what we do every day that creates our future. I work with you to identify the habits preventing you from the future you want. We use this knowledge to tailor a high performing routine for you, single habit at a time based on your interests and life.

My clients tell me that my approach is different. It’s holistic, tailored, systematic, sustainable and works. All the small steps create lasting change.

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Diploma of Professional Coaching | Certificate of Sports Training and Development | Bachelor of Science, Psychology


Professional Health & Wellness Coach
Professional Coach
Certified mBIT Coach
Certified Change Beliefs Practitioner
Certified Level 1 Nutrition Coach
Certified Pilates Mat Teacher
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