Hi, I’m Josie

Certified coach, facilitator, speaker, athlete & trainer

After nearly 20 years of working in the corporate world in advisory roles, as an athlete and now a business owner and wellness coach, I know what it takes to be on top of your game when it feels like time is against you.

I’ve always been driven and curious, asking questions and searching for answers and about people and how they learn and develop. Personally, I focus on how I can be the best I can and achieve peak performance. The problem was the harder I tried at all those things, the worse I felt and the more I recognised burnout symptoms.

As an athlete I discovered a similar problem was called Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport or RED-s, but talking to other people, who weren’t athletes, I discovered that they were feeling the same way – tired, stressed and burned out from trying to be their best.

As I started to learn how to help myself, I realised other people could benefit from these same lessons, and the idea of Spring Coaching was born. Over the years, I learnt more about top performers in sport and business and supported this knowledge with qualifications and experience in psychology, professional coaching, sports training and development, nutrition and belief change.

This led to a holistic view of wellbeing covering mindset, movement, and nutrition.

I understand how important it is to make small easy to achieve changes that fit with a busy life to help you achieve everything you need and want to do in life.

A lot of people that I work with tell me that the difference I bring is that I understand and care about my clients. Given my varied corporate experience working with business owners, senior management, government ministers, mayors and councillors, and staff I understand the pressures of work at different levels.

Points of difference:

  • I understand my clients and the pressures they face. I’ve worked in the corporate world and I’m a business owner.
  • I care deeply about people, I’m an excellent listener, build rapport quickly and give people a safe place to talk about their issues, and be heard.
  • I have personal experience of overcoming burnout, and qualifications and experience in psychology, coaching, sports training and development, nutrition and Pilates.
  • I take a holistic view of my clients and their wellness. I understand how mindset, movement and nutrition are linked.
  • I tailor all my solutions to my clients. Positive change in your life needs to be in areas specific to you and your situation.
  • I make change achievable. I specialise in helping you bridge the gap between knowing the changes you need to make and actually making the changes happen and stick.

Our qualifications & connections

So you know you’re in capable hands

Diploma of Professional Coaching | Certificate of Sports Training and Development | Bachelor of Science, Psychology


Professional Health & Wellness Coach
Professional Coach
Certified mBIT Coach
Certified Change Beliefs Practitioner
Certified Level 1 Nutrition Coach
Certified Pilates Mat Teacher
Registered Provider
Delivery Partner