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Want to perform like a top athlete at work?

If you want to perform like a top athlete at work without burnout, you need to think like a corporate athlete. Elite athletes know that to be on top requires a coach and a plan. To stay on top and avoid injury needs more. It requires consistency and the right balance of stress and recovery.

To remain a top-performing corporate athlete is no different. You need a coach with a focus on performance, productivity and wellbeing to ensure you sustain high performance without burning out or sacrificing your life.

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How we help you improve your performance without overwhelm

You are driven and successful. You know what it takes to be a high-performer but it doesn’t feel sustainable. You feel overwhelmed and stretched as you juggle competing work and home demands. Life is exhausting trying to do everything. You’re not alone, we’ve experienced it too.

We know sustainable high performance requires a balanced and holistic approach beginning with your health and wellbeing. We support you to develop small and mighty changes to your daily routine that deliver lasting results. Spring Coaching has the qualifications, skills, and experience to help you achieve the change you are wanting in a positive and rewarding way without overwhelm.

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Leadership Performance Coaching

Do you prioritise others wellbeing ahead of your own? As a business owner or leader your wellbeing and work life balance is crucial for high performance. Find out how Spring Coaching can help you achieve this and lead by example.

Workplace Wellbeing

Happier, healthier staff are better for business. But if you are investing in the wellbeing of your employees, you want you know you’ll get the maximum return. Find out why Spring Coaching’s approach gives better results than traditional options.

Speaking & Facilitating

If you are looking for speaker or facilitator to engage, entertain and empower your audience to make positive changes in their life, I am what you need. Find out more about the topics I can present on.

How performance and wellbeing coaching will help you

These are some of the areas where we can make small changes for lasting high performance:

Time Management

Are you finding you just don’t have time for important things anymore? Are you feeling increasingly unproductive? We have tools and strategies to help you achieve more in less time to free you up for the things that matter.

Stress Management

Stress isn't the enemy, stress can be good. Learn how to balance stress with recovery to prevent burnout. We can show you how to make stress work for you to maintain top performance.


No one performs their best when they're tired. We can help you to get a better night sleep so you are refreshed and productive.

Digital Detox

Do you find it hard to switch off? We have tips and tricks to help you get control back. You'll have more time, sleep better and have better relationships.


Our bodies are designed to move. Movement improves performance, productivity and your mental wellbeing. If you're too busy to move we have a solution for you.


How do you fuel yourself? How you eat is more important that what you eat. We help you build an intuitive approach to eating where no food is bad.

What our clients say

Spring Coaching really proved the power of small steps, whereby each session introduced additional steps that got me closer to the goal. The information that was provided is backed by science, as well as presented beautifully by Josie, which is so inspiring. The sessions were easy to follow, and were simple enough to introduce to the daily routine, working very well even with a very busy day. Having the ongoing reminders and working throughout all the programme, increased the commitment to reach my goals.

VeredProject Manager

I had so many demands on my personal, business and work life that I found myself exhausted everyday and struggling to concentrate on basic tasks. I sought help to try and manage every task as none could be let go off. Spring coaching helped me to prioritise responsibilities and look after my own wellbeing which was neglected. Things like breathing and taking time out for me was crucial when I thought it would be time consuming. Spring coaching helps you to return to the basics of life and living each day purposeful for you.

PaulaExecutive Manager

Thank you Josie for supporting me with making those first small changes that have made a HUGE difference. I had the privilege of having Josie as my Wellness Coach for 1 month. Through our initial consultation, Josie came up with a plan for my upcoming weeks. This plan left me with an achievable goal. The changes have been stunning!! After just 1 week I noticed changes in my energy levels, felt less stressed because there was a plan to follow and Josie helped me to understand eating habits and what was suitable for me leaving me feeling incredibly relieved! I cannot recommend Josie's services enough.

Rachel De VriesBusy mum & business owner

Thank you Josie for supporting me with finally reaching my goals. There was a block from me achieving these and with your gentle guidance I was able to accomplish these. You are amazing and I will be recommending anyone interested in focusing on their wellness to come to you.

Alina ReedBusiness owner & mother of teen

Josie helped me slow my brain down. She got me to write a MASSIVE to-do list, break it into manageable chunks, delegate, realise what was important to me and what wasn't and help me act as though I'd known that all along. I felt like I'd be a better boss, a better wife and a better friend and all round a better human when I finally got things under control, but Josie helped me understand that I'd never have everything under control, and I could actually be that person anyway. It is, and will be something I need to consistently work at, but the things I've been taught are really helping and I feel like I'm getting my life back!

Laurie MilesBusiness owner

Josie you did a brilliant job!!! Thank you so much for coming I think the girls really got a great deal out of it. I have been inspired to add a mindful mandarin activity at the beginning of each workshop now.

Mandi LynnCEO Everybody Is A Treasure

Josie was great in overseeing my training for my first ever walking half marathon. I appreciated her quiet considered approach, enthusiasm and expert observation leading to support and encouragement when it was needed without it ever feeling pushy or aggressive.

Steve LWalking Star Participant

Josie is an inspiring coach, with a gentle, inclusive nature, and a genuine passion for helping people achieve their goals and live happy lives.

Alex H.M.Cancer Society New Zealand

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